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Atlanta Residential Electrical Services

Delta Wye Electrical Solutions –  is your primary Commercial Service and Residential Electrician.  Delta Wye Electrical Solutions is a state of GA Licensed Electrical contractor that is both bonded and Insured.  We offer complete electrical repairs, upgrades, installations, and more for homes and businesses of any size in the Atlanta region. 

Delta Wye Electrical Solutions is here to help you with any electrical repairs and construction. 


Lighting – Commercial / Residential

Offices, Warehouses, parking lot /  indoor- , outdoor- hot tubs, pool pumps, deck lighting, etc.


Electrical Inspections

Requirement needs for permits, rental properties, selling you home, purchasing a home


Electrical Facility Maintenance

IE, bread warmers for restaurants, dishwasher electrical issues, TV data and electrical, conference table wiring, medical equipment expansion.

On fire electric wire plug Receptacle wall partition,Electric short circuit failure resulting in electricity wire burnt

Electrical Repairs (existing)

Outlets, wiring, overloaded circuits. 


Electrical Installations (new)

Ceiling fans, outlets, Entertainment system needs ( TV & sound systems), generators

97722476 - residential house natural gas backup generator. choosing a location for house standby generator.

Machinery & Equipment Hookup and Repair

Emergency Generators, Office equipment, Refrigeration

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When your lights go out we are there for you. 

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